Moonshiner Co. Solar Mason Jar

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Topped with solar panels, this jar creates up to 12 hours of convenient, cord-free, clean-energy lighting.

  • 32 oz. Mason Jar with solar panel lid.
  • Up to 12 hours of light from one full charge.
  • Clean, renewable energy source. 

"Mason jars are taking over the universe—hurray! They've ruled over canning and pickling forever, staked their claim on smoothies and cocktails, and now, with this solar powered design, harnessed the power of the sun. 

Topped with efficient solar panels, this jar contains the power to create 12 hours of convenient, cord-free, clean-energy lighting, homey ambiance, portability, even artistry: Fill them with handfuls of seashells, colored glass or confetti to spiff up any space. Or keep them handy to add just the right amount of light to evening strolls, post-dinner porch conversations, and parties under the stars."